Brief History

Monac Global existed In the late 80s as a business enterprise that was famous in Lagos State and Europe (Germany, England & Italy precisely) for joint engineering consultancy and services among  other business activities with a robust clientele. With focus and perseverance, the business enterprise metamorphosed into a limited liability company after its incorporation on the 10th of May 1993.

In pursuit of corporate levitation through hard work and team spirit, the company comprised of various seasoned individuals from diverse walks of life; such as: Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Geographers and Environmentalists, Business Administrators, Accountants, Field Technicians etc.

In 1995 the company became one of the most sorted new vibrant   “engineering organizations” after its transactions/service delivery with: Nigerian Port Authority, Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Breweries, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Nigerian Railway Corporation and NITEL in the areas of (ICT), Hi-care maintenance services and installations services.

With the rapid growth and possible vulnerability, the company opted for a rebranding in 1997 in order to enhance its competence as well as buttress its organizational root. Importantly the process was successful as it reflected in the client database. That same year, the company introduced an intra-organizational product called “anti-price hike method” (APHM) that was geared to help our client save more money and derive a quality service and product from us.

It is also imperative to state that from pre incorporation era through the post incorporation era, the company has been applauded for its delay preventive measures; meaning it delivers on schedule without any form of delay. In 1998 the company   concluded plans to merge and transform into a public limited liability company but the entire initiative was stalled for vital reason. The company has climbed rapidly into a state of global recognition in view of her quality product and services that can stand the test of time.

Currently the company is engaged in all form of biometric and digital security that obviously remains the safest and trusted form of security globally.

The company has partnered with giant ICT/telecom companies like Huawei, ZKTeco, Vodacom, Westminster and others in meeting the differing needs of our customers, which is evidently notable in our huge clientele base.

Monac at a Glance

The company is more than 90% involved in biometric solution, ICT/Telecom solutions and general digital security business at large. Other aspects that make up the functionality of the company include supply, installation, maintenance and servicing of computer based products/gadgets. The need for the intensification of security in the country is the driving force behind the growth and development of the company and following the globally acceptability and utilization of biometrics, it became our paramount choice.

Vision Statement

At Monac, our vision is to be situated on the global apex in engineering business.

  • 1. Moves its headquarters to a new building
  • 2. We deliver quality to intensify our credibility before our clients
  • 3. We integrate our multiple resources to achieve the best

Our Mission

To create a professional and goal oriented system that anticipates and delivers the needs of all our clients promptly.

Our Core Value

Monac value system is built on the belief that the company’s duty, apart from delivering the highest quality standards in works, is to support and advance the development of the company’s employees, communities and the country of Nigeria itself.

Monac values include a pledge to ethical conduct and integrity in all aspects of the company’s operations, both internally and externally, the dedication to ongoing training and education of employees and the development of long-lasting collaborative partnerships with clients.

Monac Global works with a holistic, solutions-driven mind-set, integrating the company’s multiple resources to deliver optimized and tailored solutions. Monac Global always aims to surpass expectations in the delivery of recommendable quality.